Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AppDialer Pro–T9 app searching v4.1 APK

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Launch apps with T9 app dialer!

AppDialer Pro–T9 app searching
Pro features:
Pin app to home screenShow app infoUninstall appQuick Launch Panel in Notifications (Android 4.1+)Widgets (coming soon)Features:
Search for apps and games by vendor or words in nameSee the MOST USED apps automatically displayed Ranking System list “most-used” app in order from top to bottomSearch T9 Dialer StyleLightening quick searchingApps have took the world by storm. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, there are over hundreds of thousands of apps in today's markets. This could mean tons of apps installed on your device. Searching for your most frequently used apps can be quite cumbersome. AppDialer provides a user-friendly, fast and fun way to find those apps.

Search for apps and games faster and better with AppDialer. Browser through your installed apps by name, developer, or words in the names of both and watch the most frequently used apps pop-up above the dialer. We understand you may not recall the name of that app you just had active or are looking for a more efficient way of sorting through your apps. So we consider those of us who fit this bill.

Our new and awesome ranking system list apps in order of most used at the top of the list to bring you your most popular apps first. AppDialer makes it easy to find your most widely used apps lightening fast!

The best part of this awesomely designed app is that you can search in T9 Dialer Style!

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 7, 2013)
Large pixel perfect icons in app and widgetDramatically increase speed search in widget
Screenshots :
Download : 1.4Mb APK

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